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Tips for Picking a Good SEO Reseller Program

SEO reseller programs provide many known benefits, like building more solid relationships with your current clients, giving options to budget-conscious customers and, of course, making extra money for your business.

Then again, let’s not forget that SEO reseller programs are not all created equal. What works for one business, may not work for yours. Is their SEO strategy tested and proven? Do they have devoted managers for their customers? Have they established a strong social media presence? Choosing right demands time and energy, but that’s part of the package for anyone who wants to find a valuable partner.

There are several issues to consider, but below are central points that must be enough for you to decide if your target is going to be a good match or not.


Are their contracts too lengthy and intricate? Contracts are certainly important, but don’t get trapped in SEO contracts that are so elaborate you couldn’t understand them. Check each item carefully, particularly the fine print which may apply to a program you like.

Payouts and Fees

You may have considered this first as you explored SEO reseller programs. Payments count a lot, but so do other things, such as:

> frequency of payments;

> if you can include a mark up;

> method of payment; and

> whether or not high-volume partners are entitled to rewards or bonuses.

SEO Reseller Payout

The more flexibility and room for growth an SEO reseller program offers, the better. Don’t hesitate to raise this point about this when you contact someone from a certain program.

White Label vs. No White Label

This is the final important consideration you have to make while doing your research. Plenty of SEO resellers provide a white label option, and you must decide early on if this is something you would be interested in. Some businesses find a white label solution preferable. It lets you sell SEO services as though work was being done in house.

Trust is a big word when it comes to cross-selling customers on extra products or services. There can be many benefits from representing a service from your own brand. Not all SEO reseller programs have a white label program, however, so you have to check with your prospective platform early on.

As you can see, finding the right SEO reseller program isn’t all that hard. But it is important to spend some time to look into the factors discussed above. Generally, you should choose a program that offers flexible pricing markups, good pay and a contract that is easy to understand. The idea is to list down two or three prospective programs, compare them and select the best.