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3 Fitness Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Lots of people agree that optimum fitness is one of the hardest things to achieve. With so many temptations around us, it can be difficult to stay on track and silence out the distractions to bring ourselves to our fitness goals. While many of us might be trying our very best to stay dedicated to the journey to better health, there are some practices that actually work against us, counteracting whatever efforts we make to a healthier and happier life. Keep yourself informed and avoid getting pulled back by false knowledge. Optimize your effort and get the best out of your struggle by knowing more about the three most common fitness myths today.

1. Lifting Weights Will Make Me Look Bulky – Getting bulky is a common fitness goal for men, but for women, it’s the complete opposite of a dream. Visit any gym and you’re likely to notice a great divide between men and women – guys like to workout with weights, while girls much prefer treadmills and other cardio equipment. But contrary to what most people believe, lifting weights doesn’t always mean gaining muscle mass. It will still depend on how much weights you want to lift and how you intend to lift them. Light weights and multiple repetitions will make for lean and slim muscles. Lifting greater weights with fewer reps will help increase your muscle bulk.

2. Sleeping Will Cause Weight Gain – There have been lots of instances of people deliberately depriving their bodies of sleep because they were afraid to gain fat. But these days, research has proven that the opposite of this myth is actually the truth, and that is if you don’t sleep, you will gain weight. That’s because damaged cells and depleted energy levels are renewed and restored during sleep. By depriving your body of sleep, you take away its change to recover and heal. The only other alternative then is for the body to crave for something else that will give it energy, and that’s food.
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3. The Calories in Healthy Food Doesn’t Count – They say that instead of eating fries, you should opt for something like celery sticks. Forget the burger and prepare a tofu steak instead. Exchange all of those unhealthy food options with health alternatives, and you’re well on your way to fat loss. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing healthy food, but it should be clear that no matter what food you eat, calories will always count the same. A calorie is not a unit of fat, it’s a unit of energy, and when that energy isn’t used up, it’s stored in the form of fat. It doesn’t matter if you ate fruit or chips – if it costs a hundred calories, you consumed a hundred calories, and that will turn into fat if you don’t do something about it.What You Should Know About Workouts This Year