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How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

Wearing diamond jewelry for a long time exhausts its radiance and gloss. There is a big possibility on smearing and staining them. Even when not wearing them, they tend to collect dust. The use of lotions, soaps, fragrances and, even our natural skin oils, can cause diamond jewelry to become filmy and grimy, minimizing their true brilliance. In order to make your diamond jewelry look new again, you need to learn on how to tidy up those stones. In order to make your diamond jewelry look new again, you just need to allot a little of your time and care.

First, you need to collect all the materials need for the cleaning. You will need a small soft brush, such as an eyebrow or lipstick brush, soap/detergent,water, strainer, lint free cloth and a small bowl. Make a water mixture in the small container containing soap and warm water. After making the mixture, sink your diamond jewelry to the solution. Let it drown to the solution while brushing the diamonds. When you are done, wash the solution off with cold water while setting the diamond jewelry in the filter. Dry and shine your diamond jewelry in a lint-free fabric to finish.

When your diamond jewelry needs a more complex cleaning, you need to use ammonia and water mixture to clean it with. Make your solution by mixing water and ammonia with equal portions, then submerge your diamond jewelry for about half an hour. After 30 minutes, remove them from the solution and gently brush each item accordingly. Put it back again into the mixture after scrubbing. Reiterate those steps for the remaining jewelries. After all the items have been cleaned and returned to the solution, swish them around for a few seconds then remove them. Proceed to rinse and dry as outlined in the previous paragraph. If you don’t want the hassle of mixing the solution, you may buy a previously made jewelry cleaning mixture. This could be in the form of a solution kit or a machine, designed to clean jewelry.
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An already made jewelry cleaning mixture that contains all of the substances and materials required for cleaning can be easily found since many stores are selling it. This would include the solution and drying and polishing cloths. Read the product information before buying the cleaning kit to make sure that the solution suits for the metal and stones of your jewelry.
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In recent years, we have been introduced to ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. It cleans jewelries using high frequencies to produce cleaning actions that makes jewelry cleaning easier and more effective. Most of the machines provide the already made mixture and the needed fabrics for the cleaning. Some more advanced cleansers can not only tidy up diamond jewelries but can also clean some things such as watches and sunglasses.

There are many different methods for cleaning your jewelries yet one thing is for sure, you must clean your jewelries habitually.