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What’s the Best Type of Denture Adhesive?

Denture adhesives are products designed to support loose dentures, that is, make them firmer. They can help minimize denture movement while eating, smiling, talking etc, which reduces food trapping, irritation, and boosts confidence.

Available options

Manufacturers have created a range of products that are meant to boost denture stability. Popular examples include:
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Creams are the most common denture adhesives. Creams attach dentures to gums, serving as temporary ‘glue’. Even though creams often provide the tightest grip, some dread the difficulty in removing the glue that attaches the dentures to the mouth.
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Wafers, also called ‘sheets’, function by covering the whole fitting surface. However, using wafers requires that you purchase separate sheets for both dentures. The double-stick sides of dentures help them firmly connect to your mouth. However, unlike creams, wafers do not create a barrier that stops food being trapped between dentures and gums.

Easy to use and get rid of, strips aren’t as messy as creams. They can be comfortable due to the additional cushion they offer between dentures and gums, and like wafers, they don’t prevent food trapping between gums and dentures.

Denture powder combines with moisture in your mouth and forms a cream-like adhesive paste, which is easy to remove and less messy. However, powder is less effective than cream, so its dentures can be less effective.

Top denture adhesive

Denture adhesives come in different strengths and qualities. However, these four denture adhesives are some of the best on the market.

Secure Adhesive

This non-soluble adhesive provides a super strong, long-lasting connection between the gums and dentures. It comes in two varieties: adhesive cream and adhesive strips.

Sea-Bond Adhesive

Sea-Bond comes in strip form. It’s simple to use and contains odor-fighting qualities to help freshen your breath while wearing dentures.

Super Poligrip Brand

This denture adhesive contains comfortable strips that steadily secure the dentures throughout the day. Moreover, this brand offers a very tight grip, which offers a barrier that stops food and liquid particles getting stuck between dentures and gums.

Fixodent Control

Fixodent Control is marketed as a cream. The product is extremely effective and even if used sparingly, the grip is firm. Fixodent Control offers a solid barrier that lets you socialize, drink and eat comfortably.

So what’s the best brand of denture adhesive? The simple answer is that there’s none that suits everyone. Some people prefer creams, and have their own favorite, others go for denture powder, and some love the wafer sheets.

If you’ve never used any of these brands, perhaps use creams first, but ensure you follow the instructions. These denture adhesives are fairly inexpensive, so you can try them out as you move on.