Apple Open Preorder iPad Pro, New Accessories Available Next Month

As per previous news, Apple began to open the preorder iPad Pro today United States time. Users in 40 countries around the world can order this device via the Apple Online Store or go to the physical store of the Apple Store and select retailers from the weekend. For those of you who order iPad Pro via the Apple Online Store, the shipping sessions are relatively short i.e 3-5 business days. But something similar does not happen for its supporting accessories – Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

From my experimental results with the Apple Store app, the process of sending Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard is quite old. That is 3-4 weeks aka next month. As for other accessories such as iPad Pro Silicone Case and Smart Cover can be ordered now and sent one day only.

Apparently Apple does not supply many Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard for this preorder session. They want you to go straight to the Apple Store to buy it on weekends. Or are those 2 products still in the mass production process and late from the required deadline?

This is a newest accessories for ipad.

Apple’s Official iPad Case

  1. Screen Protector
  2. iPad backrest
  3. Speaker Dock
  4. Bluetooth Keyboard
  5. Battery Booster
  6. iPad Stylus
  7. iPad Camera Connection Kit

For those of you who do not know, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard are 2 new input devices introduced to complement iPad Pro. The main advantages of Apple Pencil is a digital stylus that supports pressure sensitivity, slope mode for shading drawing and charging technology via Lightning port. All such accessories are available at

As for the Smart Keyboard is an additional keyboard accessories that do not use the battery. Yes, you just connect the Smart Keyboard on one side of the iPad Pro that serves as a data communication and power lines. More info please