A Tech Conference Attire Starter Guide

Tech conferences are the ideal spot to market a business, meet other tech nerds, and see some new innovations that are being developed. You spent weeks, months, or a year planning for this trip.

Before you attend your first tech conference, we need to go over some dress code rules. First, the attire depends on the nature of the conference. More serious and sophisticated conference require a more business look. This is when you dust off that old blazer and long skirt. For men, these tech conferences require a dress shirt and some slacks with a tie.

Fortunately for most tech geeks, most tech conferences are more casual. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t useful dress code tips available. For women, sexy attire, which includes short dresses and cleavage exposure, might not be the best option. This makes you stand out, but as more of a distraction. For men, looking too casual could become a problem. Don’t wear beach clothing to a tech conference.

Your purpose at the conference is really the main factor behind determining your conference attire. For those giving a presentation, you want to look your best: combed hair, business casual clothing, and no distracting footwear. Overall, casual is the major theme of these conferences, especially when just there as a representative for your company.

For pants options khaki and dress plants give the perfect balanced look of professional and casual. However, jeans generally reign supreme. Find a nice pair, or two (depending on length of conference), of jeans to get you through the conference.

For tops, you have a wide assortment of options. Generally, vintage or fandom t-shirts go over well at tech conferences–fanboys and fangirls love to rock their favorite characters during these events. Think comic con fandom shirts but with a mature twist.

Attendees also can wear blouses and button-ups. These shirts are then paired with some form of outerwear. More sleek attendees go for colorful bomber jackets, which give them more of an urban, cool vibe.  More imaginative attendees wear a blazer but ones in bright colors. It gives any look a little more of a  fun element.

Grey or black Hoodies seem like the unofficial uniform for most conference attendees, so make sure to bring a hoodie, especially one that promotes your business. Accessories can elevate or make a look look too busy. Bring at least one product with your company’s name.

This allows you to advertise your business–without mentioning it. Hats are very popular among attendees, especially ones with company logos. So invest in a few sets of hats to rock throughout the conference. Carry bags that are fashionable, and also have the ability to fit your devices and any gift bags.

Most conferences run for an average of three days. So you’ll need at least three outfits. Save on this retail purchase by using Groupon’s coupon section. This section helps you save at retailers like Farfetch. Just scan the page, and you’ll easily find a Farfetch coupon.

Now that you’ve figured out the basics to dressing for a tech conference, don’t stress so much about your look. Just enjoy being in the presence of so much innovation.