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When Disaster Strikes: Fires and Warmth

If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors, or if you’re someone who needs to be ready for any scenario at a given moment, you’ve probably found yourself needing the ability to build a fire.

You can utilize a bunch of different strategies to start fires in even the wettest, humid conditions. You can, for instance, create friction and heat using sticks against dry tinder, as one might if they were on the show Survivor or Man Vs. Wild. The problem with techniques like these, though, is the fact that they are dependent on how much time you have to start the fire, as well as how skilled you are at performing the actions required.

But you don’t have to worry about problems like these, though, with other better techniques. Regarding these methods, ferro rods and waterproof matches are by far the most effective way to start a fire in less than ideal conditions.
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Waterproof matches are the simplest solution to a given fire-starting problem. When you need to start a fire, chances are you’re going to reach for a set of waterproof matches, which are more often than not standard in most survival kits. For extra peace of mind, though, I would suggest getting a waterproof container all the same. This is because when submerged and soggy for an extended period of time, even the most waterproof of matches will have a hard time lighting. In any event, waterproof matches remain the easiest tool one can purchase to make their fire-starting easier, which is the primary goal when making something like a readiness kit.
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When going beyond matches, though, one finds other methods of starting fires that are infinitely more interesting.

When you look for something besides matches, chances are you’ll be pointed towards a material called ferrocerium, or ferro rods. Like waterproof matches, it’ll enable you to create fire in an environment where the primitive stick-rubbing method won’t work. It’s pretty easy to visualize how to use a ferro rod: you only have to strike it to make sparks. The biggest difference between ferro rods and matches is that ferro rods are, compared to the matches’ wood, more sturdy and easier to dry off if you need to do so.

As an aside, it is important to remember that, with either method, your kindling needs to be as dry as possible, otherwise creating embers will be an exercise in futility.

When comparing both of the aforementioned methods and considering which option to go with, it depends on the circumstances when it’s being used.

Waterproof matches have an edge in a certain way, mainly due to their ease of use. With ferro rods, starting a fire is extremely reliable, with sparks always available. With either method, you will be able to create fire and, in the end, that is the most important thing when you find yourself out in the wild.