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Ultimate Door Guide: Let’s Talk About Made to Measure Doors

Whether you are renovating, an interior designer or a property developer, there are times you need a different or non-standard type and size of doors. Looking for look for great options and features, as well as a fair cost may challenge you. The answers are a lot easier than you think. We are here to provide you made to measure and bespoke door options, and we promise to be alongside all throughout the construction to ensure that your made to measure doors are the ones you’re looking for. Made to measure or bespoke doors are doors that are smaller, larger, wider or narrower than the standard size. Looking for a door in stores will not help you in finding the perfect fit for your specific door opening.

We offer customized or made to measure doors with a wide range of contemporary home designs of larger door openings right through to the historic renovations and conversions, usually needing an unusual door size. How would you determine if you need a bespoke or made to measure door? Unless if you are an expert, you’re not really going to be able to tell by just merely staring at you door, and assume the correct size for your door, unless you’re the expert. So, if you’re not exactly sure how to measure the new door, you may check our website for our measuring section to guide you with the parts of your door frame that needs to be measured. But if you don’t want the hassle of measuring your door, why not contact a professional, who is used to these job, someone who is qualified and expert in doing the overall process for you? You need to think again if you are planing to measure your doors by yourself, because you have to take note that uniformity is far less common among historic properties.

So the first thing you need to know is you don’t need to worry, because we offer a wide range of door materials, style and design considerable for your budget. Visit our website and check our door designs and styles, and once you have chosen your preferred style, you can contact us so we can discuss options available and your requirements. You don’t have to use the veneer that the door comes with or use the same material or design of your original door, because we can help you change timber veneers, paint finishes, add glaze to your home and mix up doors with all three.Understanding Doors

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