Tips For Efficient Data Center Management

The need for cost containment combined with increasing market demands is placing greater pressure on Data Centre managers to drive down power consumption and improve efficiency. Data center management requires a highly skilled IT staff armed with the appropriate orchestration tools to stem the tide of explosive data growth, migrate to virtualized platforms and manage rising energy costs. There are a number of steps that can be taken to enhance the performance within the existing set up and capitalize on efficiency. Managing the data center is a three way balancing act as there are mainly three problem areas in the data center which are –

Efficiency – There is a need to find numerous ways to run the data center efficiently. With increasing demands, tight IT budgets etc., it has become necessary to perform better with the same resources. Consolidation and integration of incident management becomes vital. By creating an integrated incident management process, all the people involved in the solution of an incident will have the required information and tools that is necessary. IT departments that are efficient have often put a lot of effort into consolidation, rationalization, and simplification of the applications they offer, the middleware platforms they support and the IT infrastructure services they offer. It is therefore best to automate as much as possible.

Agility – As the business demands it, it is necessary to be able to move things from development in to production faster, provision new services faster, and be able to change the configuration and capacity of existing services faster. It is necessary to a self-service portal in front of the services that the data center offers as this can increase the efficiency of the data center staff and increase the delivery of services.

Reliability – To minimize the risk in the data center, it is necessary to ensure that data center is more secure, better performing, has lower downtime, is more compliant and makes changes more reliably.

To meet increased efficiency, agility and reliability, data center management needs the following support as well.

The increasing data center size and complexities requires data center managers and IT professionals to adopt efficient management solution that can enable them to effectively access servers, networking devices, and other mission-critical equipment. With effective data management and IT Infrastructure management services, data management costs can be reduced.