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Computer Games (BCompSc)

Computer games developers make games for the internet, mobile phones, PCs and games consoles. In this section of the Good Cheap Gaming PCs guide I’m going to list all of the viable motherboard options you have if you’re building on a budget. Single-monitor 2560×1440 gaming at 60fps is the current PC gaming sweet spot, in my opinion, though shooting-game fans sometimes aim for a 1080p monitor capable of 120Hz to 144Hz for faster reaction times—neither of which consoles are capable of. Plus, it just looks good—it’s modest without being garish, and it’s small enough to slide under a desk or live on top for all to see. We recommend that you trick out your machine with a top-notch gaming monitor with a fast response rate and a solid gaming headset so you can trash talk your opponents. So, today we’re going to look at all of the budget gaming case …