Overcoming The Challenges of Data Management

If most of your data resides outside a traditional warehouse then you require immediate help as far as data management is concerned. This is because if you do not manage your data the way it should be then you will not be able to take full advantage of advanced analytics. Furthermore, proper management is required to ensure that you can overcome the probable challenges without any difficulty. Interestingly, relying on MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture can be a good idea when it comes to managing the data. On the other hand, if you rely on any decade-old architecture then you may have to take care of the scaling costs involved.

Nevertheless, if you are now sure that the data is being properly managed then you must use it for making critical decisions. For this, you may have to ensure that the data is turned into rich insights. However, if you have massive sets of data then you will most certainly require analytic applications for uncovering the insights. Ironically, you may not be able to develop the applications with ease because of the complexity involved. Under these circumstances, you and your analysts will have no choice but to concentrate on the mechanics as far as the development of these applications is concerned.

Furthermore, as far as rich insights are concerned, you also cannot ignore the latest technologies such as MapReduce. However, once again you and your analysts may not be able to take advantage of these technologies. This is because these technologies will only deliver the desired results when you have specialized skills and can handle the level of complexity involved. The good news is that you if you have the right kind of integrated development environment (IDE) then you may be able to simplify the things. Of course, simplification should not mean that you are made to sacrifice when it comes to the richness of analytics.

To encapsulate, if you want to overcome the challenges of data management then you have to look for a suitable architecture. Once you have successfully managed the data, you can use it for the purpose of decision making. However, for making decisions that are worthwhile, you may require the help of analytic applications. Interestingly, if you want to develop the applications then you must know what MapReduce is all about and how to handle the technicalities. Last but not least, the development can be simplified as well as accelerated but only if the IDE that you have with you is right for the purpose.