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Understanding One’s Personal Development & Growth

It is not quite a surprise for the words, personal growth and development, to be met with boredom and no excitement. The concept of personal development and growth is no stranger to most people. So, how is this going to be different compared to the conventional idea of personal development and growth?

Well, to start off, the current personal growth and development idea will not be discussed. Second, skill development will be tackled. If doesn’t matter if you’re not making any progress. Whatever the topic, it should be worthy of something. Otherwise, it is just garbage. Thus, understanding the whole process of personal development and growth should be emphasized.

Understanding One’s Personal Development and Growth
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It concerns the cumulation of life skills that aid one live a life of satisfaction and productivity.
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Personality development and personal development are completely unalike.

Talking about personal development is the same as talking about attaining success. It could be either personal or professional.

It includes and is not limited to realistic goal-setting and uses problem solving strategies to help one achieve growth.

It should be noted, though, that personal development not like personality development is not deeply ingrained upon a person. It cannot simply be given to you wrapped in something glittery or as a 4-week program. As regards personal development, your only hope is yourself.

The reason being that personal development is a long-term process. With every new obstacle, you will be able to learn a new skill and that skill will lead to more development and growth. Though attaining personal development has no concrete steps and guidelines, some activities it entails will be tackled.

Personal Development & Growth Attributes

Improved awareness of one’s self

You gain a clearer understanding of yourself. What is beyond your capabilities and your strength, weakness, and abilities.

Improved knowledge of one’s self

Knowing something and merely being aware of something are two very different things. We are given the chance to get to know ourselves better when we get to deal with personal development. Because the bottom line is we actually know nothing about ourselves. Others know ourselves more than we do. Thus, it is of benefit that we pick up more things about ourselves.

Picking up new skills

You will be able to get new skills of help to your personal life and your work. Our skill set is improved and we become more proficient in infinite ways.

Mastering of existing skills

Personal development does not always mean that we need to always learn new things. Occasionally, the skills that we have learned over the years still need to be developed more. A lot of things have been learned over the span of years. However, these things still need to be better.

Setting short-term and better goals

We are not able to attain our targets, ninety-nine percent of the time, as they are too unrealistic and unachievable. It is unfortunately true that we all fail; however, when one sets a goal too high, that is just plain stupid. Thus, setting of goals that are achievable and short-term is of utmost importance.