How to Access Your Money While Traveling Around the World

As far as technology and international trade has come, when it comes to banking, it hasn’t kept pace with the rest of the global industries. This is something you will find very quickly as you start to travel the world.


To help you access your money while you travel, here are some tips:


Consider a Travel Card

A travel card is a pre-paid charge card which you can pre-load with a range of currencies. The idea behind these cards is that you can load different currencies to the one card. This means that if you shop in the US and then drive to Canada, you can pay with US dollars which you have already purchased, and then swap to Canadian dollars without any action.



Another potential benefit to these cards is that you can lock in an exchange rate. This can be beneficial if you load the card when theĀ  exchange rate is favorable and then access the funds when the market has turned.


Money Transfer

Sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Western Union provide a service that lets you send money to and receive money from people in other countries. This is good if you need your family member to send you funds withdrawn as cash.


Access points are all over the globe, including in small corner stores and large shopping centers and require identification and security information before any funds are released.


Your Bank

As strange as it might seem, speak with your bank about using your accounts overseas. Often they will have an arrangement with a local bank to facilitate transactions at a lower cost. If you are considering staying in the country for a long period, these banks can also open an account for you associated with your home account.


When it comes to accessing your money while you travel, there are always going to be fees. The trick, however, is to paying the least amount. These are three great ways which have helped me throughout my travels, and I hope they can help you during yours.