How SEO Started

The Internet and its constantly growing reach and scope were the beginning of SEO. After that, the search engines would be the second turning point in the history of the Internet, presenting the opportunity to put businesses at the fingertips of prospective clients. Next, seo agency Houston would follow after problems arose as to how to best organize websites on search engines. 

During the mid – 1990s, content providers and Webmasters started utilizing websites for search engines as they were indexing the web pages located all over the Internet. In the beginning, the only thing needed to be submitted was the URL. The search engines would have web crawlers to find and return any information about that web page. The web crawler would also extract links to additional pages and then index those pages on its server. So when a person was looking for something specific, he/she could type in a word or a group of words and a listing of web sites will appear. Sometimes SE was exactly a match.

The Internet in its infancy was ripe with ranking manipulation and other abuses by several webmasters. It did not take long for some of them to understand the value of keywords, and using SEO to their advantage. Before the coming of algorithms or any SEO Agency, webmasters would stuff web pages with meta tags containing data that was sometimes found to be unreliable. Web pages being ranked on search engines depending on the way webmasters would place keywords.

The keyword density was also very important because traffic is money Google also knew how to manipulate HTML on web pages so that these pages would Serp higher. and for dishonest GMWT, but it did not take long SE to war ranking manipulation on SERP.

If inaccurate representation among some website’s pages, better SEO PBN was proven. Now web sites were ranked according to relevance. The need for someone who could properly manipulate these new standards in determining page rank allowed SEO agencies to take center stage.

SEO first became recognized when website owners realized the importance of having their websites ranked and seen among the very first search engine results. The first documented usage of the term “search engine optimization” was by John Audette, founder of Multimedia Marketing Group in 1995.